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Information Governance for Schools 2020

This course is aimed at staff in schools.

Safeguarding Basic Awareness (E-learning)

Wellbeing leads to well doing. (For head teachers)

Life as a headteacher, as you already know, means you are used to dealing with change. The skills of adaptability and flexibility are invaluable as you problem solve your daily challenges and problems.

However, your current circumstances are exceptional and the daily challenges are extraordinary in their content and frequency both at a personal and professional level.

Therefore, we would like to invite you along to a headteacher network session, where we will offer a space to connect as ‘humans first, headteachers second’.

This session will provide time to reflect on how you are being/have been affected by your start to this atypical autumn term.

Your ability to build and maintain healthy relationships will be key to helping you and your community of staff, children and families survive and thrive in your school. We will focus on the benefits of building strong relationships and the link between ‘wellbeing leading to well doing.

We will look at ways you can support and enhance your own wellbeing and resilience moving forward, so that you can be best placed to meet the needs of your community as they seek your guidance and support in your school.

This session will be delivered by Sarah Baggaley who is Interim Service Lead for Workforce Development in Stockport Family & education services and is strategic lead for restorative practices in Stockport. She is a teacher with over 25 years’ experience working in primary and secondary schools & has worked for the Stockport's Behaviour Support Service for over 12 years.

The session will involve group discussions and the use of Mentimeter, so please can you have your mobile phones available for use in the session, along with having pen and paper at hand. This will be an online session and an invitation and joining instructions will be sent out via email before the event.