FAQs - New Learning Leads Sep 2018

A NEW Learning Leads system went live on 1 September 2018. The following Frequently asked questions  have been provided to support users across the borough.

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VIEW: Where are my applications from the old system?

(Last edited: Thursday, 8 November 2018, 3:31 PM)

Your application history before 1 Sep 2018 is not available on this system 

Should you require a CPD history for yourself, school or setting prior to this date, please contact support@learningleads.org.uk with details.


VIEW: Why can't I find what I am looking for when I have been told it is on Learning Leads?

(Last edited: Thursday, 8 November 2018, 3:25 PM)

This may be for a number of reasons.

1.The resource or opportunity may not have been made available yet - sometimes consultants and advisers alert you to upcoming resources/events before making them available. If this happens, please check with the person who directed you to Learning Leads in the first instance.

2. The event/opportunity is available  elsewhere - for example face to face  Safeguarding courses are managed on a different system and are not bookable via Learning Leads.Someone may have signposted you to Learning Leads in error.

3. You may not have appropriate rights - most of our learning networks and opportunities are open to everyone. However, there are some, such as the SIMs online network, that do not allow self-enrolment. If you require access, please contact support@learningleads.org.uk or the SIMs team.

If you cannot find something on the site, please email support@learningleads.org.uk and we will look into it for you. Please ensure you supply as much detail as possible, if possible please include details or the person who directed you to Learning Leads to find the resource/event.


View: Why can’t I see all my Early Years learning networks and opportunities?

(Last edited: Thursday, 8 November 2018, 3:14 PM)

If you work in Early Years you should have access to the Early Years Homepage and Early Years forum by default. However, you will need to join other networks - for help with this watch the video here.

If you cannot see the Early Years Homepage on the top menubar (next to the home icon) - contact support@learningleads.org.uk.